Dear U.S. fans, this is gonna hurt but it has to be said.

Wake up and smell the coffee in regards to Jürgen Klinsmann.

FACT: GHANA shot 21 times and beat the US 59% - 41% in ball possession.

FACT: PORTUGAL shot 20 times and beat the US 52% - 42% in ball possession (but hey, you guys DOMINATED right? lol)

FACT: GERMANY shot 31 times and beat the US 63% - 27% in ball possession… !!!!63!!!! to 27… and Germany was relaxed…

FACT: BELGIUM destroyed you! Tim Howard made the most saves EVER in World Cup history… EVER!

All of this while stuffing the box, no true forward (Donovan anyone?) and your two best players (Dempsey and Bradley) playing out of their natural position.

So… you guys look at this as a positive?… Klinsmann… Really? 


RACE WEEK! Hiatus is over. It’s ON like Donkey Kong.


💙❤️ #BostonStrong

Panthers home season finale

This is “Nesta”. Bandido’s new little brother.

I’m so disappointed with the “How I Met Your Mother” finale, that it actually hurts. Fuck.


Excuse me while I DIE OF LAUGHTER

sunset @ the levy with my boy #bandido

sunset @ the levy with my boy #bandido